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The Aspire Group will learn pre-developmental skills for the goal of moving toward the competitive program for female gymnasts. These gymnasts will spend more time on the equipment to work on advancing the skills they already have.  Emphasis is put on strength, flexibility, and balance development. Gymnasts will start to become familiar with the Ontario Developmental Program (ODP). This is a 1 hour and 25 minute class for gymnasts aged 4-5 years.

Prerequisite:  This program is for children who have demonstrated the ability to grasp the concepts of the fundamentals at a more accelerated rate, and have been in a gymnastics program for a minimum of 2 sessions and are ready for more challenges. More exercises to develop strength, co-ordination and flexibility in order to progress. At least 2 sessions prior to this class is a pre-requisite.

Fall Session : Sept 11 - Dec 17 (no classes Oct 11)

Winter Session:  Feb 5  - Apr 29 ( no classes Feb 21) 

Spring Session: Apr 30 - Jun 24 (no classes May 23) Registration begins Feb 28th

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