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Trampoline. An Olympic discipline, symbolizes freedom, flying and space. Multiple somersaults and twists are performed at great height and require precise technique and perfect body control. The Trampoline is also used as a basic training device for all sports that contain acrobatic elements.

HHGC Competitive Trampoline Program

The Competitive Trampoline Program at HHGC is designed to give athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential in a competitive environment and is based on the principles of inclusion and personal achievement.  It is for athletes who have the desire to train at a higher level and also want an opportunity to compete against other clubs in Ontario.  HHGC is a member and operates under the jurisdiction of Gymnastics Ontario.

There are two levels of competition available:  Invitational and Provincial.  Invitational athletes train 2 days / week at 2 hours per training session (4 hours total) and Provincial athletes train 3 days / week at 2 hours per training session (6 hours total).


HHGC offers the best trampoline facilities and equipment in Halton Hills, with 6 trampolines (1 Olympic size, 1 in-ground and 4 above ground), a 40-foot Tumble Track, and 3 foam pits (for landing and perfecting skills).

How To Join

This program is open to boys and girls interested in trampoline as a sport on its own or as a cross-training tool for a wide variety of other sports. No trampoline experience is necessary.   If you are interested in joining our competitive trampoline program, please contact Florin or Barb Cameron in the main office.  They will be happy to arrange a try-out and discuss the program with you.

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