For the first time ever, we are offering fitness programs that combine the strength of gymnastics exercises with the grace of callisthenic movements. 
These programs are designed to meet the goals of everyone regardless of age, body shape and skill level. We also offer specialized programs for all of your training needs.
Our gymnastics fitness programs offer some of the most advanced full-body training, leading to increased flexibility, agility, balance, posture and strength. These programs will also develop your self-confidence, self-esteem, co-ordination, mental discipline, motivation and concentration.
You will develop every muscle, giving you the strength to easily perform various exercises, such as hand stands, pull-ups, push-ups, L-sits, front planches (levers) and many others.
Every joint and tendon will become more flexible with each session. Eventually, every movement you make will be smooth, gracious and elegant. You will have the ability to perform splits, bridges and other demanding positions.
We have specially designed exercises to help your footing and posture, one of the most eloquent characteristics gained through gymnastics, both inside and outside of the gym.

Ages – 11-17

Winter Session : January 9 2021 - April 2 2021, No classes Monday Feb. 15

 You never pay HST at HHGC!

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